Sunday, January 3, 2021

Garage Cleaning Part 7

Does going to Harbor Freight before 10am on a Sunday mean you're officially an old man?

Needed furniture dolly to put some spare tile on to slide it under the workbench, then to Cumbys to do a propane bottle swap. So...that means I have a total of four propane tanks and all are currently legal to refill. Thought I had three when I started this garage cleaning project...

Sitting here with the salamander going...if I was a more sociable person I'd say a portable propane fire pit in here would be good for winter time "camp fires" :D

Still fighting the Law of Flat Surfaces on the blue workbench like Gandalf fought the Balrog.

The big workbench remains the last big thing to clean up.

Tight on this side, but the stuff is easy enough to move when the time comes to do that front wheel.


Donna. W said...

My husband wonders if you built the garage yourself.

Matt said...

Garage is older than me, wood is much older than that. It's salvaged wood from a circa early-19th century barn my sister's grandfather had torn down and built several other buildings with back around the Great Depression, and this was basically the left over odds-and-ends he used up in the 60s.