Friday, January 22, 2021

Cars back on the road...till tomorrow :D

Not a big update...

Had insomonia on Sunday night, not a great sleep on Monday, woken up by work on Tuesday, couldn't get to NAPA on time to get my lug nuts, up till midnight with issues on Tuesday, had 10pm changes on Wednesay. Felt to tired Thursday to deal with heavy stuff.

Finally got out for an hour early Friday morning to get the wheels back on, take it off jack stands, check fluids, put in a new air filter. Went to start...forgot that Tuesday was like 9 days since I last started it, battery was dead.

Lunch time did get to the quick lube in Putnam for an oil change. It was beyond waht they wanted to handle for a coolant change.

Still one the list is spark plugs, probably fuel pressure sensors (for a stalling-when-warm-start issue that doesn't bother my much, just takes a second start) for me to do then to Sorels for tires, alignment, and coolant change...then I should be good except oil changes for another 50,000.
Old eyes needed the magnifier to set the torque wrench :D

I know the Boy Scout have had to crack down after a fatal accident after midnight New Year's Weekend on their property by a Jeep that rolled over. I know the police have posted about an arrest for some "willful trespass" (along with drunk and carrying without a permit), and Facebook reports that rangers were out posting signs...

Figured while I was of the way there I'd check out the main entrance and it is at least a little optimistic to me they haven't gated it or put up no vehicle signs. Perhaps they're just signing the utility right-of-ways and the old town roads will remain open? I'll have to explore some time it's quiet like 7am on a Tuesday.

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