Saturday, January 2, 2021

Garage cleaning part 6

Got going a bit late waiting for the rain to end around 9:30. Had the Jeep full of garbage, paint, and oil for the dump; then to Lowes to pickup some Bakers' Racks, and Dubay's for ethanol free gas.

Leaving Dubay's and taking the long way home, noticed the gate was open to Ross' Marsh and I had never gone down there before.

Came in for a bandage...stayed for a selfie.

Only the finest of zip tie engineering will do!

Let's take a break for lunch, but first put some ethanol free gas in the mower and let it run itself dry for the winter while I'm inside.

Well, I guess that won't fit back to front like I originally wanted...

Oh come on, you don't clear either? Good thing I own a Dremel and know how to use it.

Some things should not exist. A 3/4" to 3/8" drive adapter is one of those things

It isn't the most complete socket collection in the world...but far and away this is the most visibility I've ever had to know what I have quickly without having to pickup and look at a bunch of individual sockets.

Some minor re-jiggering still to come, but it is mostly done.


Donna. W said...

I handed my husband my computer and he enjoyed snooping around on these pictures. I have to confess I don't remember who you are. I think you are a Tractor Taler, or used to be, but if so, I don't know which one. Looks like you've been keeping busy lately. I wish I knew where you live.

Matt said...

LOL...yep Tractor Tales. Haven't been on it much for quite a few years now. (Matt from CT)

Donna. W said...

I never go to Tractor Tales any more; it used to be a lot of fun, but I don't know any of the people these days. Thanks for answering. I thought from the looks of the pictures that you lived somewhere up north. Now I know, it's Connecticut. Brrrr.