Tuesday, December 15, 2020

That's not how this works...

Been having an issue with being able to pump gas at only 2/3rds of a gallon per minute. Since spending 18 minutes at the pump from the normal 1/4 tank its time to refill point is not my idea of fun in the last 6 weeks or so I've only put 30 miles on it.

Little Googling said this is almost always the "Leak Detection Pump" which is a $15 part that takes about 15 minutes to change and most of that is just getting setup and breaking down after changing it.

Couldn't close the door with the small equipment in the garage, but not worth moving it out tonight for this quick project...

The heater did make the rear area noticeably much more comfortable though! It was just about freezing outside.

"Huh, hose is hanging lose, that's not how this works. Looks a bit more..."That's not how ANY of this works!"

Oh well, couple pieces of kindling for the woodstove, new LDP installed, Jeep now fuels normally.

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