Friday, December 11, 2020

Cleaning & Organizing the Garage Part 2 of ... unknown

Monday morning ran up to Putnam to order some 3/4" stone, and picked up a dolly at Tractor Supply to store the dunnage on at least for now (think it will end up in the bottom of one of the rolling racks)

Litte frosty this morning :).

Somehow despite minimum outside world contact, I have a virus. Was running a fever Wednesday night, a bit better Thursday, mostly OK today but still uggh since it's supposed to be a nice weekend with highs around 50.

7 yards, $195 cash.

Cutting some plywood for the flip-down white board idea I have for the house.

Then making a set of wheels for the last rack, unfortunately damaged the rack trying to lift it on. But I have more parts so I'll build a new bottom for the rack tomorrow right on the new base.

Continuing to use up scrap pieces of wood left over from the '17 house rebuild.

Moving the blocks for the new shed base...damn that took all my tractor could -- had to step on the accelerator to get it lifted.

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