Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cleaning & Organizing the Garage Part 3 of...a continuing story

Worked a couple hours on Saturday, but it was kind of raw so I lost my ambition to go out again after lunch.

Also doesn't appear I took photos Saturday, these are all from Sunday :D

We are however winning the battle. Basically the battle is over, I just have to finish policing the perimeter to finish cleaning/organizing, much in the way ancient warriors would roam over a battlefield after the battle thrusting swords into their enemies to humanely dispatch them.

Continuing the rack reinforced with scrap lumber.

Enough dunnage to make some poorly equipped Rescue-Engines jealous.

Putting fold-down casters on the workbench. Bottoms needed to be 1.4" so I used these as spacer/templates:

And...this is me after I tripped on the forks while trying to walk out the old locker...a couple minutes later I ripped my jeans on the same locker.

Wide, clear shot all the way to the back door-wall!

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