Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Shed Arrives and Garage Cleaning Part 5(?)

Not quite what I ordered...I didn't want a floor so I could just drive stuff in and park on the gravel. But I can make this work (will need to make ramp). Also probably will end up making a door since it has a floor now.

I'll also reinforce the sides with concrete blocks or pressure treated this spring so there isn't as much weight canterlivered off the 4x4s in the middle.

Lawn mower looks closer to the rear than it is. There is a good foot plus.

So I'm thinking I'll put a 20" shelf coming off the back wall -- the studs are true 4" dimension, so that will for the most part provide 24" deep shelves. Two 10' long shelves will be quite a bit of storage.

Gas cans can go on the floor in the back. Smaller bottles I'll put along the sides; I can put up some more horizontal 2x4s for shelves and I'm planning to put some paracord with a taught-line hitch to keep bottles from falling over.

Channeling my Mother...cleaning up containers that will be getting moved to the shed.

I figure "bulk" fluids (and gardening stuff) can live out in the shed. Only need a few bottles like brake fluid and oil in the garage to use for a quick top off.

Using brake cleaner to take the word "Gas" off a diesel jug. In front of an open flame. What could go wrong?

This weekend...

So pretty sure I can retire these two yellow racks this weekend. Might move one, other is probably gonna get scrapped.

This will provide a nice space for the Husky tool box to roll into.

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