Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Saturday Morning Wanderings....well and a bit of Sunday pics

Baker Hollow

Old State Forest gate...just the posts left.

Time to stop...and fold down the antenna. I know the trail gets relatively tight from going down here in a Ranger in the past.

Landing at the bottom of the first hill.

Gets kind of steep; I've been practicing using 4wd low and higher gears than I have in the past with 4wd high.

This is the end of the road!

Going to have to come back to the Audobon property to take pics of the silo in good light.

Now for some exploring in Woodstock.

Well, not sure this fork goes through (and afterwards realized it definitely wasn't the road I thought it was!), let's turn around and chekc out the other fork.

Headed back out.

Ed called about now, so I headed to Brooklyn to help him clean out the garage. Had three loads left on Sunday morning when I got going about 8:30 real time, 9:30 focacta time.

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