Tuesday, March 10, 2020

First time with the top open!

Car frosted? Twist my arm :D ...given the forecast I was already planning to take the Jeep, guess it was just warm enough when I parked it around 5pm to stave off frost.

Lunch time...and the top is open for the first time.

71° when I leave the office? Me thinks a trip through Quaddick is in order!

Ok, a car could make it in so far, the state forest part of the road isn't awful...needs work but isn't awful. But, oh miss that car wasn't going to make it through there. She (a young woman) managed to damage the bumper just backing up.

I assumed to go out the way I came...when I realized she wasn't making a three point turn but was going to go straight I honked my horn and tried to get her attention. Guess she'll have to pee on the electric fence for herself. No sense creeping her out by following right away, I know the way ahead is short before it comes out on paved roads...I'll head up, turn around, and make sure she didn't get stuck.

This is the road the car went down o_O

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