Saturday, February 3, 2018

House & Food...January 5 -- February 3rd

January 7th. -7 outside. 34 in the basement :) (Snow was helping insulate the bulkhead).

January 13th. Chicken Stew? Chicken in a crock pot with root vegetables?. I was actually pretty disappointed -- it really lacked "pop."

Thursday, January 18th. Got word that Wes will be coming to start tiling tomorrow. Shit, better neaten up!

Like a sadastic game of Twister, he texted me to let me know to not step on the tiles, just the cement board. I had my hands full of groceries to.

Monday's progress. Now I'm just not allowed to step where the paper towels are :D

January 24th, time for Beef Stew. This did come out very good :)

Saturday, January 27th. I ran to Home Depot to get supplies for hooking up the Washer / Dryer, and while down in Lisbon swung over to Campbell's stand since they had said on Facebook they were open for the morning. (In winter they open the stand up on mild days for like four hours)

Dryer outlet wired in.

New valves for the washer water supply. I found at Lowes later right angle adapters so the hoses can hang straight down instead of bending at 90.

This outlet needed an was set back not taking into account the sheetrock.

Let's take a look at this dryer and the change the exhaust from the bottom to side...
Download service manual, mother of God...this IS the procedure to change it:

Sunday, January 28th. Hot dog! Got up early re-assembled it, it works!

Um...almost. No heat.

Took off mid-morning, picked up Eric, and spent the afternoon in Salem Sam. Started at Far From the Tree Cider House. Most of them were very good, except one that me and Eric both decided tasted like ass :D

Some mid-week troubleshooting...I have no power on the black. I know my tester had been red for it at least at one point (it wasn't red, I re-did the outlet, it turned red, now it's green again). My meter confirmed it.

After I did some debugging during the week it looked like a power problem with the new work ended up calling the electrician who came today and sure enough I had a bad breaker. At the breaker he got 100v between the two legs, it should be 240v. I wonder if it was changing, which would explain why my circuit tester was acting funky on it, and there wasn't 100v when I tested it with my voltmeter up stairs.

Saturday, February 3rd.

Electrician came out to fix the circuit, and I had him move the stove outlet about 6" to line up better with the stove back while he was here.
Meanwhile I got the washer hooked up since I was now optimistic I'd soon have a drying dryer.

One of the Neptune line's "features" is it drys as fast as it washes...I suspect they achieved that claim by slowing down the washer. Is an hour long washing time normal? I don't remember that :D

Leaving the back open to check for leaks

And we have a fail!

Thought it might be the vent, which after I cut it off and tried again it wasn't. Small amounts of water drained, but when it would try to pump out the washer in earnest it came flooding back in.

I bought a $10 snake at Lowes and fortunately found a blockage pretty quickly -- it was basically soil at this point. Worked the snake through it, ran the hot water hose down the drain, put on the new air vent, and everything worked A-OK now.

I guess I got to think about painting soon...

First time since October I've had a working stove and dryer. First time in 10+ years I've had a working washer!

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