Sunday, February 4, 2018

Day ... I have no idea. February 4th.

Lowes, Walmart, and Big Y trip to start the day.

Before I start on the house, let's put some Pulled Pork Chili in the crock pot.

So with that cooking for tonight, put up another cabinet.

I definitely don't have as much cabinetry as before (mainly from the fridge moving to where it is now, costing me 3' linear feet). I also think the old cabinets were slightly larger dimensions.

24" was definitely the largest I could fit here :D

Liz M. stopped by. Preliminary choices...though I haven't made the absolute final choice yet.

It's if that damn chili would just finish. Hopefully by 8 or I'll need to cook some fish sticks for dinner...

Yep, done. And even Justin Timberlake couldn't ruin it :)

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