Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 150

Left work a little early so I could get a good 45 minutes in grading the driveway some more.

Let's see, need about 60 cubic yards of 3/4" Trap Rock (too start...I could use more up around the garage, too). Probably around $35/cu. yd...that's $2100.

Went and fixed Ed's printer, then a run for dinner -- got some extra fixings from Big Y, and some salad from the bar at Sweet Peas.

I like dong this sometimes, I can get two or three meals out of what I got from Sweat Peas which are the "perishables" and I can have stuff like mandarin oranges, cranberries, croutons, etc. which keep here at home to augment it.

(And one of my punch list items is taking a razor and cleaning up the caulking for the backsplash, then I can edge in paint to the backsplash).

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