Friday, February 16, 2018

Days 137 & 138...plugging away

As the weather keeps swinging between cold and warm (50 today, 22 tonight, 8" of snow predicted Saturday night, 48 degrees and rain on Sunday, 65 degrees predicted next Wednesday)...the yard is a muddy mess.

I have a bunch of stuff to move back to the garage tomorrow morning when it's cold -- first less mud to back my truck up to the front door to move boxes in, and second when it's cold I don't get condensation when opening drawers, etc. to put stuff away like it does when cold overnight and warm during the day.

I am not an "Internet of Things" guy but I like this D-link gadget that will alert me if I do get water in my basement. Just hope they don't shut down their servers before this gadget's lifetime is up.

Empty containers. Need to finish painting, and by the point hopefully the ground will be dry enough to move furniture back in.

My tool and stuff-to-use cache in the house is getting smaller by the day!

Need to paint the A/V wall before I build out the shelves that will be in front of it.

And might as well start on the ceiling while I'm at it.

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