Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Electric Usage

So the meter got installed on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning when I left for work it was at 14kWh.

When I got home it was 18.

Left for a couple hours to do laundry, with the heater cranked up (only one head though) to bring the house from "light sweater comfortable" to "shirt sleeve comfortable" (Remember I'm wood stove spoiled)

It was at 22 when I got back.

Now since it's doesn't show decimals there could be almost 50% difference between what those numbers represent -- did I go from 18.9 to 22.1, or 18.1 to 22.9?

But we'll just write down 4 for now.

Also unknown is whether the water heater may have gone into a cycle during that time, too.

But it's a data point.

Over the last three years my mean average daily usage is 17.8kWh, and the median average is 16.07 but that can vary a lot.

In very dry year, mid-winter (so using the wood stove exclusively) I was down around 9-10kWh.

Wet year (so lots of sump usage), in a month like May or October where I may use the electric space heater heavily, I could be up around 30kWh.

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