Monday, December 25, 2017

Days 80 thru 85...Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, I have a Kitchen Sink!

Thursday I finished the little pan storage area in the blind corner -- I went with a width of 14". The opening is 6", I wanted to use some of the blind corner but have it still small enough to clean and not lose pans "in the way back".

And some more dry fitting of the counter tops. Give me a break, there is a little 1/16" lip along the back edge. Can't anything be frickin' square?

Friday --
Protecting the butcher block with some Reynolds I can glue and clamp the counter top.

Saturday --
Position the drawer base.

Yep, lost the template for the sink...marking it the old fashion way. (Found the template on Monday sandwiched between the two doors for the base cabinet under the sink that I had put aside :/)

Corner holes drilled...clearly I bought a sink pushing the very boundaries of size for the cabinets and counter top I have.

Cuts from the front to back completed, I put a piece of scrap wood across it and screwed it down. Bunch of references say to support the counter as you cut (duh), but I didn't see any that suggested this. I wonder if I picked it up from TV or some place years ago? Just seemed intuitive and easy to me.

So the back of the sink is so close to the back of the counter, I don't have clearance for my jig saw. I made a rough cut further out, then used the cut off tool to make a series of cuts to take it out to where it needed to be:

And this finishes up Saturday. I'm also fighting a chest cold that I could see becoming walking pneumonia...I can do stuff, but I get tired. And grumpy.


Assembling all the components for the sink before I set it in place for the final time:

You can see two notches I had to cut at the front for the clips to fit by. I'm too close both front and rear to actually use the clips to hold the sink in place, but I think with weight + silicone it'll be fine. I didn't want to cut too much meat, thus just the notches.

Assembling the plumbing fixtures...

Where did the foam on my hand come from? even though I sprayed it a few days ago when I trimmed it uncured foam started oozing up like lava o_O

More dry fitting. An observant observer would observe a change in the PVC once I found out you're supposed to use a mechanical coupling rather than glue PVC to ABS. That coupling was my third and final Christmas Eve trip to Lowe's :D

Christmas Day -- put up the Pendant light. Tried to put up the LED fixtures I got for the cans, but I need another "c clip" part to install in the cans in order for them to hold the lights. I'll order those this week.

One day a real plumber will look at this and offer to fix my work. He'll start by asking for my tools, which he will then take to a crusher and destroy :D. But hey, it works and no leaks so far.

Merry Christmas! 3pm and I have running water in my sink! I haven't had a working sink since the first week of November.

Time to defrost the dish basket that's been outside all that time...

Mini-Fred is up!

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