Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Electric Usage Update...

And by no means the final baseline, as I still have to put the outer insulation blanket on the water heater (though the metal outside of it does not feel warm at all) and I have five 100W incandescent bulbs in the kitchen/living room I use when working in that area to replace with LEDs, which lately is all day every weekend day and a lot of evenings.

Meter was a 643 when I ran home at lunch time today.

So let's call 20 days usage 630kWh, since it was at 14kWh the evening of 12/6.

31.5kWh per day.

That compares to 41.5kWh from 10/16-11/16 when there was a lot of construction going on plus using the milk house heaters.

For comparison:
December 2016: 15.19kWh/Day
December 2015: 11.10 (Very dry year; sump did not run a lot)
December 2014: 16.48
December 2013: 16.47
December 2012: 13.25
December 2011: 24.88 (I wonder if this was the year I had the 3/4HP sump pump? Usage was high all winter.)
December 2010: 13.17

Let's call it a savings of 6kWh/day no longer running the sump pump and let's call it a wash with the hot water (though I probably use one or two kWh more keeping it warm in the tank...I'll have a better idea once I'm heating with wood again). I have more insulation to roll out in the attic, too.

That gives me an estimate that keeping my house comfortable -- and by comfortable I mean 72 degrees in the evening and otherwise when I'm home, and 61 overnight and workdays -- with the Mitsubishi system is 20kWh/day in a pretty typical December.

And at that I haven't even touched the bedroom unit since buying another quilt for the bed, so there is plenty more capacity in the system.

This works out to $105/month for the electricity to heat the house, guessing maybe 20% more as we get into more consistently cold weather.

Still, not bad.

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