Sunday, December 3, 2017

Days 63 & 64 Saturday and Sunday -- Cabinetry

Saturday I got an early start returning stuff to Lowe's, picked up a few items for the cabinetry work, and rapidly loss my ambition leading to yet another wicked bad flare of up of inflammation; third in three weeks. This again just lasting a few hours in the afternoon but pretty much shooting the rest of the day. I know it's related to diet since I'm subsisting mostly on take-out for the last month+.

Headed out for my coffee, I remember the electrician saying the new meters have shut-off switches (which I thought would be visible), but as the meter isn't hooked up yet I decided to look inside:

You can also see the "better" insulated part of the house, but that may be because the other part of the attic is vented differently so may hold more warm air from during the day?

I did work steadily all Sunday, but I'm no cabinet making and it's time consuming with all my figuring and fitting going on...

This is for between the stove and lazy susan. Had to build out a toe-kick area at the bottom.

Put 1/4" plywood over one side of the frame to seal and stiffen it. This is me cutting out the toe kick part of the plywood, using a speed square to guide the jigsaw:

Now I have to figure out how to build the next side and front of the cabinet (Lowe's still had not delivered the drawer set that was supposed to go here, so I cancelled it and I'm building this whole section from scratch; I was originally going to frame around the dry fit base cabinet :/).

If it wasn't for that toe kick area it would be much simpler!

If I can get this roughed in this week, hopefully all the counter tops can go on next weekend!

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