Sunday, December 17, 2017

Days 77 & 78, Saturday and Sunday, More countertop work

So I figured with expensive counter tops, it was worth buying some nice Kreg Jig guides for my circular saw -- which did let me make these cuts among others:
Of course Friday night I discovered the base wouldn't fit my circular saw (circa 1973). Ok fine, still worth buying a nice new one to go with the jigs.

7:15am on Saturday I'm at Lowe's, get a new saw, get it home, don't like the way the guard feels but there is no way to adjust but figured I'd give it a try. The Kreg jig needs a preliminary cut to plastic/rubber guide edge -- which I got all of 3' into before the saw self destructed (sucking the inner washer into the plastic around the clutch) and producing a ton of little plastic saw dust that static clings to everything.

Fought the saw to get the nice 60 tooth blade off -- I was ready to go out and use the air impact wrench against it when I finally broke it free.

Back to Lowe's. Damn it, they don't have in stock any of the saws I like to replace it (the Hitachis, unlike the one I just tried, were the only ones with a metal piece permanently on the clutch instead of plastic).

Too Lisbon Lowe's I go! FML.

You can see pieces cut Saturday morning on either side of the stove. Just roughed in, not screwed down yet.

And while it's sunny, let's look at some of the paint cards.

And...we're off to see Star Wars with a sizable portion of the Borgeson clan.

Sunday's all about logistics. There is a logical order things have to happen...the boxes on top of the insulation go out to the truck...

Insulation moves to the counter...

And it's time for a selfie standing on the counter :D

Insulation thrown up into the attic. I'll spread it out to make an even thicker layer of insulation one day, but not today. Not the priority.

So the cardboard, in the truck, makes a nice protective surface to put the heavy long piece of counter top on.

Burn cardboard, burn!

Hey, I found all the paint cards I had picked up a month plus ago!

Support the counter top with a couple 2x4s to both protect the counter, and keep the weight supported so it won't bind the blade.

Test cut

And this says it all about what I think about all the money I spent on those fancy Kreg Jigs. Que sera sera.

First dry fitting. Still have a lot to do in that corner to finish prepping for putting the counter top in the final position.

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