Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Days 70-74 -- Counter and kitchen stuff, etc.

Saturday was a four hour mad dash of cleaning up outside ahead of the first accumulating snow. If the snow would hold out till 10am as forecast, I'd be in good shape. Instead it started snowing at 7am and I worked until 11am :/

How can I move the tile inside with the least possible physical effort? When the pallet won't fit between the dumpster and power pole?

We turn it 90 degrees, then push it into place with the tractor :D

Brought the insulation in (to be thrown up in the attic, after I finish the counter enough to stand on it)

And of course the butcher block was brought in.

And that's dumpster #4 for this project. What's that, seven in about 14 months? Brings me up and over 90 cubic yards for the rebuild.

Monday night -- Yeungling, Football, and sorting through a ton of purchases from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Wednesday night did some clean up and prep work. Started getting ready for cutting the small butcher block, though not till I put a substantial board underneath it to protect the other counter. But I don't feel like trudging out to the garage in the cold and snow to get my circular saw and such :D

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