Monday, August 5, 2013

The Herbary & Other Garden Pics...

Friday Hart's Greenhouse next to me had their annual blow-out sale -- 50% off most stuff, annuals for a buck or so...woo hoo. Next year I'll have to bring my own wagon and just walk over since parking was nuts; they opened at 3pm for the sale, and I had to park on Route 6 when I left my house at 3:06pm (and for those who don't know, I share a property line with them!)

This bed I started a couple weeks ago is a combination of:
-- Plants like the Tiger Lillies I relocated from my property;
-- An extra Hosta Ed dug up at mom's;
-- Herbs I had been growing in pots on the deck;
-- Some perennials from Hobbie Road, Deerfield, Mass. that I saw a sign for and followed;
-- Stuff I've bought from Hart's.

The garden!

I had to go looking through the seed packs, since the label I wrote faded in the sun! This is a "spaghetti squash:"

Cherry toms are doing nicely:

Today's harvest:

And today's lunch -- fresh maters and cukes, leftover chicken and taters.

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