Sunday, August 18, 2013

Washington County Fair 2013

The Washington County Fair in Rhode Island is one of my favorites -- it's a Goldilocks fair, not too small, not too big.

Working Steer Competition
These were the Junior Teamsters (under 18), and I believe all the teams I saw were under a year old.

The "book" definition of Working Steer are those neutered males under four being trained for work, Oxen being four and older and considered physically matured and fully trained.

At least at fairs in my area today, the Working Steer can be older -- the Oxen are the brawny pullers, the Working Steer competetions are about finesse and training. Its been cool to see Working Steer boom in popularity over the last couple decades.

I couldn't back my garden tractor and cart up as well as a few of these teams could...

American Linebacks backing up...

Later on in the day they were doing distance pulls -- half the teams weight on the stone boat, five(?) minutes to pull it as far as possible. Most teamsters rest their teams for a moment at either end before continuing.

That's not something you see very often -- Jersey Steers!


Got Meat?
The Rhode Island Raised Livestock Ass'n had a nice booth, and all I got was this lousy pic of the bottom of a page to remember the URL...

Pig drinking from a pig version of a bubbler.

Vegetable Creatures!

Jiminy Crickets! I had no idea cabage could grow that large!

RI Dept. of Agriculture's booth included a table about invasive tree parasites especially the Emerald Ash Borer & Asian Longhorn Beetle.

They have a nice farm & household museum

If the thought of a hand cranked silage / fodder chopper makes you cringe... could have the non-cranked version!

Its a Chicken Plucker!


I'm not quite sure what this is...I was thinking it was an ice saw, but those look like wood cutting teeth, not ice cutters.

Online acquaintance who saw the above pic told me what it was -- and here is someone's else YouTube of one in action: Hey, that skein winder has a counter!

Imagine the planning it took to cook for a large family and hired hands where the working adults were eating 4,000 calories per day on stoves this size!

Though a kerosene stove like this certainly could help out! Here its setup for canning by the looks of it.

Duck Duck Goose?

And we don't even refill beer bottles today...

Not from the museum...maple taps

The FFA Woodsmen Contest

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