Monday, May 21, 2012

People's Tramway

More on the rail trail in Killingly:
NEW HAVEN, Jan. 12 - The New Haven Road has just purchased through the People's Tramway Company of Danielson, Conn., the Webster and Worcester Street Railway Company. The purchase gives to the People's Tramway Company control of the trolley lines from Danielson, Conn., to Worcester, a distance of forty miles. The company recently acquired the Putnam and Thompson Street Railway Company, and later took over the Webster and Dudley system, the latest purchase of the Webster and Worcester completing the circuit. The New Haven Road will extend the People's Tramway line in time to Norwich, thus connecting with the steam road along the Thames to New London and forming a continuous line from Norwich to Boston, a distance of 120 miles. The People's Tramway system will run express trains, freight, mail, baggage, and passenger coaches over the newly acquired line. The express trains will make stops only at Putnam and Webster in the through run from Danielson to Worcester, and will run at an average speed of thirty-five miles an hour. A smoker will be added to the through trains. The price paid for the new roads is comparatively small. The Tramway stock is $400,000. Webster and Dudley $50,000, and Worcester $150,000, making with the bonded debt an outlay of $1,000,000. The road when completed will cater to fully 120,000 people. Railroad and trolley men see in the move taken by the People's Tramway Company a step in the programme of the Consolidated Road to occupy the trolley field ahead of the electric road companies. By taking over the new lines the New Haven Road stops competition at Worcester and controls all of the trolley business of Eastern Connecticut. The line will be used as a feeder to the steam roads at Worcester and Norwich. The New York Times New York, New York 13 January 1901

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