Sunday, May 20, 2012

Garden Update...

Not sure I can remember everything :)

Planted today:

Mortgage Lifter (6)
Cherry (2)
Better Boy (I think) (1)
Early Girl (3)
Roma (3)
Brandywine (6)
_______ (1)
Yellow (3) (Was a last minute addition after Mom said her father used to grow them and she likes them).

I have half of several six packs that I still have to decide what to do!

Sweet (3)
Jalapeno (3)

Black Beauty (3)
White (3)

Also planted yellow and green Kentucky Wonder green beans, pole style, along front of fence.


Donna. W said...

I can't raise the old, good-tasting tomatoes like mortgage-lifter and brandywine because they are very susceptible to blight. I do have a couple of Rutgers plants, my old favorite canning tomato, hoping blight won't kill them like it usually does.

Matt said...

I have mixed results with blight; some years are OK, some are bad. But I'm further north then you and I think the heat and humidity excerbates the blight.