Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What $70 of bark mulch looks like -- and this is the real stuff from Hull I haven't put any new bark mulch down in a long time -- I will probably end up using three loads over the course of June in order to get all the flower beds I want to do be done. One of the beds before: And after...once I get caught up I should only need one load a year or perhaps every other year: Then in the afternoon I hauled four loads of grass clippings from the dump. Had to use the hay fork to load it all in, and then unload it. I had wanted to finish weeding and fixing up the asparagus patch before taking pics...but after the work on Saturday with the mulch and a 15 mile bike ride on Sunday I was too tuckered to do anymore in the garden this weekend. This is the end of the garden I'm letting be mostly fallow this year...and hope to haul in copious amounts of grass and leaves to help boost the organic matter dramatically. Didn't quite know what to plant in this area, so I threw in a couple six packs of strawberries. The brush/weeds in the rear are on my shortlist to cut down this year, and I want to remove the stones and pile in plenty of organic stuff from the dump to help build up the soil. Next spring I'd like to extend the fence to include this area within the fence line (which requires cutting back more brush and removing some stones so I can mow around what will be the new back side). Really poor germination on corn again this year; last year I had a near total failure. This is an early variety of corn (the Silver Queen was an almost total failure). I plan to till up the Silver Queen bed again and re-plant with a second batch of this stuff. I <3 my Scuffle Hoe...made real quick work in the nice soil in these beds. Taters will need to be hilled this weekend :) Blueberries are starting to really mature:

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