Monday, July 29, 2019

One last daylilly...and the Brooklyn Town Hall

With all the deer damage, this is probably the last Daylilly of the year, down by the mailbox.

Canon EOS 50D,0.0125 1/80, f/6.3, focal length 87, ISO 100

Stopped at the Town Hall to drop off the check for taxes, decided to come back after work. Not sure I'm ecstatic with any of these...I think there is still something more here to pull out one day.

Canon EOS 50D,0.04 1/25, f/6.3, focal length 25, ISO 400

Canon EOS 50D,0.00625 1/160, f/3.5, focal length 28, ISO 400

Canon EOS 50D,0.02 1/50, f/6.3, focal length 200, ISO 400

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