Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mahonking fast new PC at work...

Got a new PC at work -- by far and away it's the best machine both in absolute and relative terms to any other corporate machine I've had.

I don't get to play with hardware very often these days, so I was like a kid on Christmas.

i7 processor with 32GB of memory with two slots open so I can expand to 64GB (maybe for height reasons, the tower form factor can go to 128GB :shrug:). My old PC had 16GB and the first server I was an administer on I think had 16GB of storage using 4GB drives.

That chip is the "hard drive" (512GB NVMe)

I got it on Monday, didn't like how somethings functioned. Ended up with fresh installs of Windows (twice!) and loading up 80% of the software I needed in four hours on Thursday evening. That's fast hardware plus Win10 being pretty decent -- 20 years, 10 years ago that would have been a 2-3 day project having to constantly check back to see if it was ready for another button to be pushed.

How old was my old PC? It had a parallel port. I had PS/2 connectors. BIOS was 10 years old, and it's possible that had been flashed and the machine itself more like 11 or 12.

Why I was desperate for a new machine to replace the one maxed out with 16GB of RAM -- this is the new box on just an average, ordinary morning:

...and with all this power what do I do?

Find OneNote and go, "I wonder what this program does?"

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