Saturday, November 25, 2017

Days 54, 55, and 56

Scribing on Thanksgiving morning for the "big shims" under the floor frames for the cabinets:

So the jig to cut them became this simple -- another board with a screw in it. Put the scribed board against it, measure one end, adjust the screw end to match, cut. Damn that works nice and simple.

Continuing on Friday:

LOL...I didn't plan for the Amazon smile to be on top of the pile of boxes destined for the burn pile :D

"Left over" insulation to store up in the Attic...

Moving the left over vinyl to a new storage area (we'll use it for the Sauna rebuild)

Look at the lower left, water just poured out and out. I made a pile of materials which I'll cover with a tarp this week.

My 20-ish (or more) year old ramps have been showing their age. I put together a new set Friday evening in anticipation of picking up the washer and dryer; also I need them to move things from the deck to the house.

Moon over the fire pit.

Washer, Dryer, and a new chair :) Holy Cow Claudia & David have an amazing salt water front house (it's near where I've posted pics of me kayaking to an isolated beach, which is along the same salt pond).

Almost made it...I had measured the *back* of the cabinets to 36", forgetting the fronts have trim that make them wider :/

I didn't get much done today, not sure if it's this cold I've been fighting or what, but I had a major inflammation flare up this afternoon after we got back home, and laid down for about three hours. Then I "got hot" (don't want to call it a fever) and that seemed to burn it off then I was able to do stuff after about 5pm. Weird. I also had a minor migraine coming home after Thanksgiving, that fortunately didn't have any lingering effects on Friday. But my body is definitely fighting something this week.

At least I'm getting pretty good with the leveling cabinets, only took me a few minutes to adjust:

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