Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 52, Tuesday...Priming and other stuff

The oscillating tool sure made short work of trimming the foam.

Coming back from the first Lowe's run of the day, interesting frost pattern on the roof.

Mixing the paint, the problem being the stirrer went in through the bung hole but I wasn't able to pull it off, so I had to break the seal and take the top off the bucket.

Me and Steve easily went through two gallons pushing three primer. I put a second coat where the cabinets will be, Steve will probably put another coat on the rest while I work on the cabinets tomorrow.

Electricians came to wrap up a couple items, and also installed my outside lights. Now it's just up to CL&P to move the service from the temporary pole to the house.

While the sheet rockers were working yesterday morning, I went out and picked up a table saw that I assembled tonight. I am going to need it to rip the lumber to build the bases for the new cabinets.

It's a good thing I checked everything for squareness...the "bevel" was off a smidge that my eye didn't see but the speed square picked up on.

And with the cabinets moved into the house, I had room to move the saw out to the garage so tomorrow I can make the cuts without making more dust in the house.

I also caulked around the kitchen sink window. I think I'm in good shape to mount cabinets tomorrow in the following order:

Corner upper cabinet.
18" upper cabinet between corner and fridge.
**if** I have a cabinet that will fit, between corner and sink.
Sink Base (to establish position of cabinets on the right of it).
Upper Cabinet right of sink
Base Cabinet right of sink
18" Base Cabinet between corner and fridge -- there is going to be custom framing of the blind corner.v Upper 15"(?) Cabinet between fridge and stove
Base cabinet between fridge and stove
Lazy Susan
Cabinet after the lazy susan

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