Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Days 36, 37, 38...

Opened up the kitchen wall for the electrician, before heading to the 100th Finnish Independence celebration at Tamarack.

William Aho, who turns 100 in January and was the first and last UConn employee hired for their ability to speak Finnish (he worked with poultry farmers).

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a mounted Reindeer head. I shall call him Fred.

Monday Morning I paid the down payment on the heating system, arranged for the building inspection Thursday evening, stopped to see Bob at the house, and the electrician stopped by before I left to make up a materials list.

Kiya and Liz Mackela have adopted my bathroom...I just smile and nod.

Monday I also ran some Cat 6 cable to support future security cameras.

Bob also started insulating the vaulted ceiling:

Tuesday: The electrician has started:

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