Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chainsaw Geekdon

Yes, on one web forum I check we post pics of the gear we use for cutting firewood.  Geekdom knows no bounds.

This is the typical kit I bring with me into the woods, sometimes I don't bring it all, but pretty rare I need to grab any other toys.

Stihl MS-360 (bought used on Craigslist).  This saw does most of my cutting.
Stihl 024AV (Also bought used, being replaced soon, there will be a post why :) ).  Nice lightweight saw for trimming up the tops.  Learned years ago it's always good to have two saws.  Once just after I finished dropping a tree for a friend in a neighborhood my saw broke and made me realize if I was most of the way done with the felling cut when it failed we would've been stuck with a dangerous tree that the wind could push over but and no way to finish the cut.
Chaps & Helmet
Fiskars Super Splitter splitting axe
Logrite Peavey with Timberjack...these guys are made in Vernon, CT!
Gas & Oil

My tool box --
Flagging tape (use it to mark trees I want to cut or keep when scouting)
Scrench, screwdriver, brush, etc for basic maintenance
Sharpening files for the chains
Safety glasses, yellow tinted.  Really nice for really late in the day -- don't ask me why but they do make things a lot brighter!
Felling wedges
Spare chains
Spare 20" bar case I get the 360 stuck and I don't have another saw, I can take off the power head and cut out the other bar :)
Fiskars hatchet
Teflon mower deck spray, used on the Fiskars splitting ax to make it a little slipperier in wood.

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Eoin Morgan said...

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