Thursday, June 9, 2011

We had hail!

I have very seldom seen hail, and only one decent and even that wasn't too bad hail storm that I remember when I was kid -- up on Tripp Hollow and I remember mom & dad were real worried...I think mom even had me move away from the big bow windows in the dining room.

So this morning we're getting a frog strangler -- had 6/10ths of an inch fall in 20 minutes -- and I heard a weird noise. I'm looking around the house, in the kitchen...finally I notice hail outside bouncing off the deck and everything else solid!

No damage, the very biggest pieces were maybe 1/4" (I just measured, "dime size" is 3/4").

While I usually try to work normal hours, I'm doing some after-hours upgrades so I was working till 8:30 last night, and was back at 6:50 this morning to see if the Indian team saw any problems. They did, I fixed.

Had a small project in the garden I wanted to get done before it got hot and we got any more wind -- staked up my asparagus...the tallest fern is 6' 8" and that's measuring from the top of at least 6" of mulch!

Some, I hope not most, of my onions have been bolting. Those won't store well, but are fine as green onions. Had my first one today -- in a green onion and spinach omelette. Oscar ended up getting about a third of this, which he snarfed up like no tomorrow:

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