Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Summer squash is up (9 days after planting)

A number of onions were forming flowers...not a lot, but more then I wished :( I caught one this weekend, probably pinched off nine today...probably doesn't really matter since they won't store well. Hmmmm...I think I'll pull one and make an onion-and-spinach omelette for lunch tomorrow.

No slug bait in the garage, need to pick some up this weekend. Found some small slugs on my lettuce this week.

Rigged up a diverter valve from my sump pump and started diverting flow down to the garden. Not enough umph to drive a sprinkler or likely even a soaker hose, but I can move the open end of the hose every couple hours :) Call it good exercise walking down to the garden and back during the work day. No photos as the lense on the Droid must be dirty; all the pics were blurred.

Finally gave the Blueberries a drink of Miracid. I'd really like to be doing that like 5/21, 6/15, and 7/1 or so.

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