Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The north end of the fence I stapled up Sunday. Used to be much longer and just laid in place. That's a 2"x4" mesh, which is on the big size -- baby bunnies could squeeze through. But I already owned it (used to be around the front yard to keep the dogs in, but with just Oscar I don't need that area fenced anymore).

I've decided rather then gates, it's much more flexible if I leave the fence loose so I can make a wide opening to bring equipment in when I need to.

My onions look beautiful!


Lettuce...with red lettuce needing weeding behind them.

Pulled back some mulch...golf ball size bulbs...come on babies, start putting on some girth!

All my Early Girl tomatoes have flowers, but the one from a 4" pot has had fruit set for a week already.

Outside row is green and yellow snap (string) beans.

Inside row by the peas are Jacobs Cattle and Soldier dry beans from Old Sturbridge Village.

Outside row is more green and yellow beans I planted this past Friday. Inside row is Kidney beans I planted Monday.

My little herbary -- Basil, Marjoram, Oregano (Thyme in the pot you see peaking on the right)

Garlic Chives, Yellow Oregano, another variety of Basil.

Did pick some for the omelette I had Saturday(?).

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