Monday, June 20, 2011


Let's see if I can remember the updates...

Hauled more mulch on Saturday, two good loads. Need at least two more good loads -- one to finish covering the manure, and one to cover the southwest corner of the garden to help build up organic matter there.

Worked on the north end of the fence Sunday, stapled it up.

Went kayaking Sunday afternoon @ West Thompson Dam w/ April & Paul. 2-1/2 hours on water. Need to rebuild or replace my kayak rack, and some members rotted on it!

Friday I planted more green and yellow beans (once I ran out of green bean seed), tonight planted Kidney Beans, and threw in some sunflowers. Also Saturday I planted four mounds of Blue Hubbard squash as round #3 of those for trap crops. Hubbards and sunflowers both went in what would've been the east corn bed had any corn germinated :(

Friday I also put up more string on the east row of tomatoes.

Failures so far this year:

-- Only two red leaf lettuce planted from seed germinated, and didn't grow well. Must plant earlier.
-- Poor germination/growth of Swiss Chard, Leeks, and Beets. All in the SW corner, I think there's just not enough organic matter there. Seedlings do OK as they did last year and the tomatoes this year, but not seeds.
-- Corn. Complete and total failure x 3 varieties. Need to put some seed in damp paper towels to see if it was poor germination from improperly storing them (although other seeds stored with them germinated fine), or if it was something with the soil/planting (I didn't tamp 'em)/something eating them (though the seeds were treated seeds).
-- Flea beetles on the eggplants. Looks like the plants are just starting to grow past them. Cross fingers.

Other notes:

Saw first flowers on potatoes today...which means there are spuds forming underneath :)

Picked some pea pods. Those, plus lettuce and spinach, plus some herbs from the planters on my deck, all went into a cheeseburger for dinner -- yum yum yum!

Another 1" of rain on Friday AM...guess between recent rains and the compost spread earlier this year, the Rhubarb is looking the best of the year! Should be wilting by this time of year. This is the second year in a row it's been in real good shape this late in June, I wonder if it's the plants are maturing and have established roots now?

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