Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful Day!

Was just a gorgeous low humidity, warm but not hot day!

My straw hat doubling as a basket...since I forgot to bring a basket or bag with me. Lettuce, peas, and young red onion (sent up a flower, so I decided it was worthy of early harvest :D )

That's Oscar.

Now follow directly back of Oscar (click the pic for bigger version). See that black and white thing on the concrete pad? That's one of my barn cats. Sunning himself. With me and Oscar having spent a half hour in the garden.

Jake would not have tolerated this.

Yellow and red potatoes and Vidalia onions my mom grilled in butter, salt, and pepper on Sunday. She nailed it just right, they were surprising very good!

My lettuce
My peas
My onion
Organic carrot
Croutons, Craisins, Walnuts, Cranberry Raspberry Vinagerette

Kaiser Roll
Local hamburg
Oil-packed herb mozzarella cheese
Bacon (fried it up while I shelled the peas and cut up the rest of the ingredients, before putting the burger on the George Foreman)
My Red Onion
My herbs
Couple dashes of horseradish sauce
Little bit of Ketchup

I think that's all :)

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