Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Tippencansset & Other Places 12/16/2019

When you're off for jury duty, and they end up not needing jurors.

Woody Hill Management Area, Westerly...never been down here before, thought I'd check if the roads were open for hunting season but I guess not :)

Exploring a bit off of Weekapaug...guess I didn't take a pic at the end of the parking area where the sand trail starts.

Bailey Mill / Tippencansset / Old Voluntown Road. I remember vividly first coming through here 40+ years with mom & dad.

Been a few years (and during a dry summer) since last time I was through. I'm not worried about the depth or getting stuck since I know the bottom is firm...just this is pretty deep to see where the boulders are.

Indeed, towards the end my right front wheel dropped enough part of my though immediately, "Maybe I do need a snorkel kit..."

Tippencansset Pond

I really do remember being 8 years old or so coming down this hill in wild-eyed wonder:

I believe that's a Cherokee XJ that didn't make it. Didn't get out for a positive ID

One thing I'm amazed at when I went and looked up the 1934 Aerial photos...much of this road was still active farms and not abandoned / taken over for state forests. Would have expected it sooner for the CCC projects; then again it may be that they had and the farms hadn't overgrown yet. The online assessor records don't contain a valid sale date so :shrug:

On the way home, I believe this is Gallup Homestead Road. I need to come back here when my knee is doing better with my good camera -- it is an old Witch Hazel distillery.

I remember reading about it in the Norwich Bulletin in the 80s (maybe 70s? I read the newspaper pretty young :).

Nice article about the harvesting on the RI/CT borderlands from the ProJo: with an archive here.

And another about a fourth-generation family in Sterling, archived here.

Oh, that big puddle? Guess I did drop down pretty good -- didn't notice this till I got home. The surge of water & ice bent the license plate :D

Going to work the next morning.

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