Sunday, October 2, 2016

Evergreen Cemetery Pics

So I had a bit of cloudy daylight left while my clothes were at the laundromat to go play with my "good" lens.

I am actually looking for the headstone of Gurdon Cady who,

...placed his own monument, on which, beside his name and dates, (born August 15, 1822; died March 3, 1897), was inscribed a picture of his first cow, and her record :
Rosa, my first Jersey cow
Record — 2 lbs., 15 oz. batter
From 18 qts., one day's milk

A fiddle is also inscribed on the opposite side of the stone. The monument can be easily located down the outside, right-hand drive in the Evergreen Cemetery in Central Village, Connecticut

Didn't find the grave (although more research this evening gives me this link so it should be easy to find now that I know exactly what I'm looking for: Find a Grave Listing
But I did take these shots while I was there:

1/320 f/1.4 50mm ISO100

1/640 f/1.4 50mm ISO100

1/640 f/1.4 50mm ISO100
Hmmmm...I think the camera was taking the light reading for the obelisk which is why I turned up the speed. But now the rest seems underexposed a tad.

I have no idea how I fixed it...I was in Canon Digital Photo Professional and chose the "Compositing Tool" and I swear while I was just looking around how to work it the photo suddenly changed to the right exposure!

1/200 f/2.0 50mm ISO100
Focused on the stone by the driveway.

1/200 f/2.0 50mm ISO100
Focused on the Graves' gravestone.

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