Sunday, October 9, 2016

Brookfield & New Braintree

Went out driving on Friday as I continue to nurse this darn knee.

Cemetery in Brookfield, MA.

1/1250, f1.4, ISO 100, 50mm -- If it was a little bit more into fall foliage season, and probably towards sunset, this probably would've come out really nice:

Playing with shallow depth of field and different focus points.
1/3200, f2.0, ISO 100, 50mm

1/5000, f2.0, ISO 100, 50mm

1/5000, f2.0, ISO 100, 50mm

Just a set of headstones from one family I found interesting for their variation. Head scratcher is it seems it's up to each family whether the headstones face east or west.

Barre Cut-Off Road (I think...) in New Braintree:
1/200, f7.1, ISO 100, 50mm

1/2500, f2.0, ISO 100, 50mm

1/320, f6.3, ISO 100, 50mm

1/500, f4.5, ISO 100, 50mm -- focus set on the stone wall on the right.

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