Sunday, October 16, 2016

Draken Harald & Mystic Seaport

So met Eric, Missy, & Family at Mystic Seaport since for the past two or three years all he has done is talk about the Vikings TV show like an obsessed 5 year old.

I've been once before (plus at night for a wedding) and honestly don't remember it being this big; only thing I can think of is the day I visited I was rushed or not feeling well :/

Some playing with my camera iPhone and older cameras couldn't have done this well:

It's the Draken!

They sailed the ship from Norway this spring, up the St. Lawrence, through the Great Lakes all summer, down the Erie Canal, and the crew is flying home while the ship will winter in Mystic.

Little bit of a line to get aboard, think I'll explore for a while longer...

These guys were singing a sea-shanty while hoisting the cargo aboard!

The rope walk fascinated me -- it was quite dark inside (at least the front part), loved what I could get for details with this camera!

This factory was originally twice as wide, and four times as long as it's current 250'.

Although they had switched to more modern machinery many years earlier, this rope walk was used until circa 1950 for special orders of very large diameter ropes. The employees of the company worked to disassemble it and move it to the Seaport in 1951.

Darn it...busted while I was adjusting exposure. Almost had a candid shot of Missy photographing the Draken.

Kind of like the over-exposed one better!

Wiking Wabbit Heads!

34 crew members lived on the boat, with that tent like structure for shelter

Clan Borgeson...

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