Sunday, November 1, 2015

Replacing the Septic Pipe...

When I had the tank pumped, the septic guy said the dry well was clean, too clean. He said to call if the tank backed up, that there might be roots in the pipe. I figured being 50+ year old Orangeburg pipe I might as well replace it while the tank wasn't full yet (and since I only send ~15 gallons a day into it I had a few weeks to do the work). Figured out pretty quick it was faster to dig with the front end loader than to use the backhoe :D But then I can back in with the backhoe first for some of the "fine" work.

Then we had 5" of rain before I finished up the other leg...

But I remembered how we get the Ladder truck at Mortlake out when it gets stuck in the mud :D

It's all backfilled now...but I have to finish the final grading, and seeding will need to wait to spring I guess.

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