Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Photo Dump

Guess I've been busy doing :D
Repaired the front step with a layer of Trex:

Took in the umbrella for the season :(

Pulled into my driveway after work

Picking a peck of peppers before the first frost.

I will remember one day that we get heavy frosts this time of year and the car needs to be warmed up before I want to leave for work..

One new jacket (bought the day of the short Fryeburg Fair visit) and a messy bedroom...

Unless I've been brain-dead, I swear these bloomed AFTER a hard frost! (And we had no light frosts -- first frost it dropped to 27 degrees.

Chili Time :D

Started putting in stepping stones

Lost a lot of work I had done on a script, but the next morning found I had most of it in my recycling bin in the office, where I had thrown a ripped-up print out from the day before :D

They are re-numbering I-395, and for a week this has amused me that we have Exit 91E to go Providence, and 37B to Brooklyn:

That's all the flat stones I have for now. I'll keep putting them aside, I'm thinking I can flare this so it's wide as it reaches the driveway.

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