Monday, May 18, 2015

One of the best meals I've ever made...

It started with a quick side-trip on the way home to Woodstock Orchards to pickup some apples...and on their counter was asparagus and my brain said, " know I think that could work..." A quick google and some customizations in my head gave me this meal :D

Grilled Chicken, grilled the Asparagus (my garden) and Crispin Apple (Woodstock) together, on bed of salad greens (Pakulis'), topped with a local Jack cheese I picked up at Sweet Peas Fine Foods, drizzled with warm honey and a splash of oil and vinegar.

It was just absolutely high-end restaurant level shear awesomeness!

Since I couldn't find a good stream last night, enjoyed it while watching the finale of Mad Men.

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