Saturday, May 9, 2015

A good day in May...

Started off running a tank of gas through the saw:

Realized after I cut it I was...happy. Not simply satisfied, but actually happy knowing I have three years worth of wood. Happiness is something that eluded me for so many decades.

Then I changed and went for a bike ride. Last time I tried the roads near Natchaug forest was two years and fifty pounds ago -- and the bike back then wasn't safe for the road. My health and the bike after the tune-up did so much better today than back then. Felt especially good since I was able to only go out a couple times last year due to my injured Achilles (which is probably 95% healed now).

For dinner: grilled swordfish in a olive oil and lemon marinade seasoned with oregano and thyme (picked today) plus basil and mint (dried from last year's garden) to go with the season's first asparagus.

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