Sunday, May 31, 2015

More updates...and friends pickup you up or lie down...

Two racks painted and back in place...three more to go (hopefully by next Sunday afternoon; between Uncle John's memorial service and rain coming on Sunday it became clear I couldn't get them done this weekend :( ):

Finally got the small tree by the garage down:

Stopped at Hart's for some more six-pack of veggies to fill in spots in the garden. I am working unbelievably hard not to buy these dinosaurs :D

Old plant containers dropped off at the swap shed at the dump...and this bench in need of cleaning brought home!

One tank of gas on Saturday, two more on Sunday. Rain came in earlier than forecast, but since it started as a warm rain and I was sweat soaked...I just kept on going as I got drenched! Maybe 1-1/2 tanks left to go and I'll be done with the bucking.

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