Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Doings...

More work around the house (except for a nice Sunday drive on Monday morning up to New Braintree and back...because I was too tired to work first thing in the AM!). Mom swung by to drop some things off, and John Lombardi stopped in to say goodbye before his move to New York. Finishing up today by watching Mad Max for the first time. How did I never watch this before? :/

De-cluttering the garage. As I have no plans to open a commercial greenhouse soon, I'm thinking my collection of pots can go...

Moved the electrical service to the house in 1999, guess it's time to take down the old meter housing.

4-1/2 chainsaw tanks of gas into the log pile, quite a few blocks building up!

Ratchet Rake for the bucket (a ratchet strap and cable system holds it in place)...this thing works really well!

Rake off, time to scoop and remove the debris:

Two shelves painted. Now once I move stuff to these, I can paint the remaining three. Wanted some bright color to make it "lighter" in the garage, and I'm hoping the tractor paint will keep them from forming the light surface rust the cheap racks were prone to do.

Letting some of the wildflower patches be for bees for now.

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