Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tore up the town! Or, maybe not.

Saturday my original plan of going to the Fryeburg Fair was washed out (or at least just enough rain to have made the drive miserable). I could tell that by Wednesday in the forecast and scratched it. Mom had asked me earlier if I wanted to go to see the Quiet Corner Fiddlers at Sampo, err, Finnish Hall so I figured why not. Sunday, after putting the snow blower back together (and discovering a $50 bearing that needs to be replaced, too) I took a break from house work and went to the Walktober even at the Chamberlin Sawmill. It was a nice walk. I can remember 20+ years ago seeing the mill still in pretty decent shape, with an ancient car backed in to power it. The car was a '28 Packard used to power the mill after the '36 flood destroyed the hydropower. The mill continued to operate into the 1960s. The Sessions-Chamberlin-Tayler family lived in this neighborhood for over 200 years.

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