Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swim Pond Frost-Proof Drain

This is one of two (or three...I'm not sure I've ever seen the third work) drains for the swim pond.

It became a heck of a project, not bad just stretching over weeks as I had to think some stuff through, get the high lift jack, etc., etc.

LOTS of Duckweed on the pond. Usually that drains right off the top, but the water level has been too low since mid-August for the skimmer drain to work.

I couldn't get enough leverage with a pry bar here to break it free...had to dig out, then span it with 4 4x4s I strapped together to make an 8x8:
Leveling the trench
After my first attempt to glue the pipes went horribly awry, I supported them on pallets the second time to keep everything aligned. I had also wrapped each pipe with a ratchet straps to give me a good place to grab and wiggle them together.
Slowly over the years quite a bit of erosion had occurred where the pipes were leaking...I'm hoping the pipe will hold up that far out, at least for a year or two. When I eventually get a tractor/backhoe (or rent one for a while) I will be able to fix that area up. I don't think this was solely on my watch, I think it must've started when Papu was still around.
It's been VERY dry this September. The water should be flowing out the top of this pipe, which would keep the duck weed flushed off the surface.
Still have backfill to finish. Hauling it up by the 5 gallon bucket full is slow work!

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