Thursday, April 10, 2014

Like a fangirl...

"Squee"-ing is the sound that is a cross between a squeal and "wheeeeee" that fangirls will make, overcome with excitement and emotion, when watching a favorite television show or movie. It is not what one would consider masculine.

I've been reading Pride & Prejudice. The first half of the book, while not bad, was not particularly awesome. It made me question what the continued popularity of a book that was honestly difficult to read because of its archaic English. Then halfway through it became quite interesting.

Last night I'm reading in bed and I'm at the part where Miss Elizabeth is at Pemberley, and while it was clear to anyone familiar with conventions of popular entertainments of all sorts what was going to happen, when Mr. Darcy shows up a day early and twenty yards away, I let out a squee.

It was a moment that not only asks for one's man-card to be revoked but more fundamentally questions whether it was fraudulently obtained in the first place. Just shoot me. Now.

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