Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Higgins Armory

Finally went to the Higgins Armory...only have known about this place and driven by innumerable times for 20+ years. Bad Matt, Bad Matt.

But Sunday it was a drizzly day, and I decided a good one to finally go.

It was awesome. And unfortunately the building is closing December 31st, and the collection is moving to the Worcester Art Museum and I doubt the exhibition space will be anywhere near as cool.

The building was built 1928-1931, with the top two floors being the museum, and the bottom two the offices of Worcester Pressed Metal Company -- factory tour encouraged with museum visit. (Company closed in 1975).

Suit on the left is actual battle armor, middle is ceremonial armor, and the right is jousting armor. I believe these were owned by the same knight originally.

There is a catch-button that you press to release and lift the visor...cool!

Japanese arrow heads. The top ones had specific uses, the bottom ones were decorative for gifts.

Kids getting a guided tour:

Someone had a sense of humor:

Amazing detail work:

As if Dalmatians already weren't prone to delusions of grandeur, you go dressing them up in armor! (This guy is in the foyer greeting visitors)

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