Saturday, July 27, 2013


Decided to stay over in Maine Thursday night rather than drive home in the rain, only to be home on a rainy day. Got a hotel room, and went to watch Wolverine -- first 3D movie I've gone to! Went back to surprise mom at the campground and had lunch there.

So after I left mom's on Friday, I wasn't hungry enough to eat supper in Maine but I did stop at a favorite place of mine, Jakes in Ongunquit, and grabbed a lobster roll with tonight's dinner in mind :)

Grilled up taters on the grill -- I've figured out its best to put the taters down first, then the green beans on top of them. Oil, vinegar, herbs, and pepper :) Taters couldn't have been fresher -- dug 'em, washed 'em, grilled 'em.

First full-size tomato of the year too!

And the whole meal was...awesome.

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